Politics of Emotion/Power of Affect | Presentation at Munich Academy of the Arts

On invitation by Karianne Fogelberg, Susanna presented “Sensorium of Animals” alongside some of her older works in the program “Politics of Emotion/Power of Affect” organised by cx centre for interdisciplinary studies at Munich Academy of the Arts. Together with Carolyn Pedwell who is an Associate professor in Cultural Studies at the University of Kent, she presented on 9 January 2018 in the panel “Empathy and Justice”.

“The sixth lecture series of the cx focuses on the contemporary relations of power and emotions, as in the emotionally saturated technologies of power that promise happiness, or in evocative scenarios of fear and rage, but also in the more positively evaluated power of empathy and movements of solidarity. The series investigates the influence of mediated emotions and affective attunements, potential new balances of power through the mechanization of affect, as well as current artistic and design-based reflections and deconstructions of emotional regimes.”


Overview of the complete lecture series “Politics of Emotion/Power of Affect”

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