Shintaro is a senior researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures. His current research interest is focused on how experimental design and media cultures in the past and now are entangled with discourses and practices from research fields and topics as diverse as cybernetics, system thinking, ecology, computation, design, art, psychedelics, counterculture, gaia, cognition, agency, complexity, self-organization or anthropocene.


Based on critical media studies, history of media, history of science, science and technology studies, anthropology/ethnography, feminist theory and the growing literature in artistic research, research creation and design research, he is aiming at practice generated moments of synthesis where practice-based research, design research and artistic practice melts with theoretical thinking and theory-based analysis. He wants to enable, moderate, design situations that create meaningful surplus value in as many contexts as he is able to.


Susanna Hertrich is a multi-disciplinary artist and researcher at the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures. Her artistic research is focussed on investigating extensions of the human senses and the role of the physical body in relation to technology-driven environments. Her interest is to narrate about novel ways to overcome the boundaries between bodies, minds and technology. All these projects share A) a utilitarian approach, taking into consideration findings in psychology, behavioural biology, neuroscience and haptics, B) an exploration of their poetic qualities and C) an undeniable degree of wild speculation.

As a visiting researcher, she has been working with the Meta-Perception group at the University of Tokyo and the Design Research Lab at the University of the Arts in Berlin among others. She is a recipient of numerous grants and has been an invited artist in residence at the Goethe Institute’s Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto, Tokyo Wonder Site in Japan and the TASML Tsinghua Art & Science Media Lab program in Beijing. Her works are shown in international exhibitions and appear in numerous publications.



Akitoshi Honda is an artist interested in the relations between human perception and media in the realm of art, design and science living in Berlin since 2007. He worked with physical computing and programming for several of his projects to express his idea and concept.

Akitoshi has had exhibitions in several places in Europe and Asia such as Japan Media Arts Festival, ISMAR, Enter festival. After finishing up his studies with an „Meisterschüler“ with Joachim Sauter (UdK Berlin, 2012), he is further pursuing his artistic work and since 2014 working at CHORA TU Berlin for interactive media environment research and development.