Workshop with Douglas Kahn on “Energies in the Arts”

As the first station of his Europe Tour 2018 presenting his new edited collection on energy and arts, Douglas Kahn has visited the Critical Media Lab Basel on Tuesday May 29. Kahn’s work has been seminal for the whole project, and while many scholars focus on energy in the sense of sources and systems of fuel and power generation, he is interested in a comprehensive approach to artistic inquiries on all energies and how they might relate to one another. Workshop particpants were inclueded the research team + Michaela Büsse, Maja Riegler, Ania Mauruschat (Co-Organizer), Felix Gerloff, Christian Hänggi, Vanessa Lorenzo Toquero, Hossein (Hemen) Heidari, Felipe Castelblanco, Michael Rottmann and Merle Ibach.